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Faculty members

Find out more information about any of the individual Faculty members, including their biography and associated modules.

  • Dr. Lin H. Chen

    Director, Travel Medicine Center, Mount Auburn Hospital, USA

  • Dr. Lee Kaplan

    Director of The Obesity and Metabolism Institute in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky

    Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Emory University School of Medicine, USA

  • Professor Carel le Roux

    Professor of Experimental Pathology

  • Professor Alberico Catapano

    Professor of Pharmacology, University of Milano, Italy

  • Dr. Michael Crotty

    GP & Obesity Medicines Specialist, Co-Founder & Clinical Lead, My Best Weight, Ireland

  • Joseph Nadglowski

    President and CEO, Obesity Action Coalition, USA

  • Professor Alex Miras

    Professor of Endocrinology, Ulster University, UK

  • Dr. Sean Wharton

    Medical director, Wharton Medical Clinic, Canada

  • Professor Luca Busetto

    Associate professor of internal medicine, Department of Medicine. University of Padova, Italy